New Indulgences

Hey considering this is my first post I’m going to talk about something that has happened recently with the Pope and why I think it is slightly ridiculous. Pope Francis and the Vatican declared that they will be giving out indulgences (shortenings of the time it takes to get into heaven) via twitter for all those who couldn’t attend the world youth day. For all of you who don’t know, indulgences were commonplace in the 1500′s where people could actually buy indulgences for their family and friends to help them get to heaven. Let me tell you why I have a problem with these new indulgences. First of all, it seems like a pretty obvious scam. It was a scam back when the old Vatican did it, a scam so heinous that Martin Luther (a member of the church at the time) risked his life to oppose it. It’s slightly absurd to believe that this man can decide whether you go to heaven or hell simply because you pay him. While the payment is not as much of an issue in this case, it is still just as wrong to claim this god-like power when you have no real basis for it. Honestly I thought religion was done claiming this kind of authority back when we realized that god wasn’t actually shaking the Earth and in fact it was only tectonic plates.

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