This blog post will be dedicated to what I believe ‘faith’ really is. To me, what many people call faith in god is actually faith in the word of other people. I feel like this describes the reason I personally don’t adhere to faith well, because in general I don’t wholeheartedly trust things other people tell me. I admit, in the case of religion many people try to convince you, and many people also believe in it, so it is a little more meretricious than the average rumor. That being said, it still is not convincing. The worst part of this type of faith is that in this specific case the words are from people thousands of years ago. Obviously they had a wildly different worldview than we do now, and even with all the evidence we have mounted against most religions most people tend to ignore  or reject it because they refuse to consider other options. Religion is not perpetuated by the rational conversation, instead it is inculcated at a young age effectively securing an active participant in the community once he/she comes of age. For me, it’s hard to believe that more religious people don’t notice this (or admit it’s true). This is why I feel that when talking about faith, the only real faith we have is that all the religious people can’t be wrong, and that because so many people believe in religion that it is necessarily reasonable.

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  1. Steven Clear says:

    Robert Cialdin’s book, Influence: Science and Practice, is a good read. It discusses our tendency to forego thinking in the face of an authority. Oh, he used evidence and case studies to support every psychological principle he established. I know, that’s cheating, but that’s what he did. For example, nurses administering incorrect meds because they failed to challenge the doctor; plane crashes resulting from the second pilot failing to question the captain. This last one has a nickname–captainitis.

    In a busy, distracted world, we have developed many short-cuts to how we come to believe a thing. The curious thing, however we get there, once the belief is established, it grows and strengthens over time due to an external pressure to be socially consistent. Nobody wants to be a flip-flopper.

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